• Regarding Monthly Themes.

    Monthly themes for children under 2 consist of adapting to a new environment through using all five senses and emergent language and speech. For example, in June they are learning the sounds that bees make, as well as identifying the first letter of that sound. They are also moving as bees, promoting gross motor skills development. They are making finger paintings of bees for fine motor skills development, as well as adapting to new sensory development.


    Monthly themes for children 2–4 are based on the Creative Curriculum. The curriculum is organized by taking the needs of different types of learners and exposing each child to utilizing their five learning domains (visual, auditory, physical, communication, cognitive development).


    As another example, September is the “All About Me” month – children learning about themselves – because for a lot of children September is their first month of transitioning from their home environment to a group setting. Monthly themes for preschoolers are also based on the Creative Curriculum but also incorporate common core units of study as mandated by the Department of Education (DOE). For example, April is the “Season and Weather” month, with a common core unit of study of “Plants.” In that month children learn about seasonal changes and weather changes, as well as planting, including hands-on flower planting, learning about parts of a plant, types of plants, etc.

  • Regarding Universal Pre-K and Vouchers.

    HRA voucher through ACS

    • Families must obtain a voucher at one of their local Job Center offices with proof of low income, single-parent home, student status, etc.
    • They must bring proof of address, child’s birth certificate, Social Security cards, copy of the latest income tax return, an application form obtained at the center, and (if applicable) divorce certificate, student transcript, etc.
    • They must come into one of the sites to obtain a form with our provider number.
    • Once they get approved, they will be given a start date and, if their enrollment packets are ready, they can start on the first date that is written on their approval letter.


    UPK (Universal Pre-K)

    • Available to children that are 4 going on 5 years of age.
    • They must follow the registration provided by the DOE.
    • Once they get approved, they have to come with their approval letter to register at the site.
    • UPK is FREE from the hours of 8 AM to 2:20 PM. Extended day and holiday rates are available for parents who need longer or more hours of care.
    • UPK hours are only available to those who qualify and follow the DOE yearly calendar.
  • What Happens When My Child Becomes Ill at the Facility?

    If your child becomes ill with any of the following – fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, and/or sever coughing – parents will be contacted immediately and must pick up their child from the center within an hour.

  • When Are Payments Made?

    Payments are due on the 1st of every month. We will extend a five-day grace period for payments made in full. After the fifth day you will be charged a late payment fee of $5 per day until payment is received.

  • How Do I Enroll?

    You can come into any of our centers to pick up an enrollment packet, or you can e-mail us at littlescholarsnyc@gmail.com, or you can fill out an enrollment packet on our website, www.littlescholarsnyc.com.

  • Do I Get a Discount If My Child Misses a Week of Attendance?

    If your child is absent for one consecutive week, you have the option to prorate your next month’s tuition. This option is extended twice a year.

  • What Happens If My Child Misbehaves during Instructional Time?

    We do not believe in or use punishment. We believe that by redirecting unwanted behaviors we are able to stop these behaviors and prevent them from happening again in the future. Therefore, our method is redirecting any behavior that is not accepted by allowing the child to have some quiet time within the group though engaging in an individualized activity until unwanted behavior stops.

  • How Qualified Is The Staff at Little Scholars?

    All our teachers have had training in early childhood education. Our lead teachers have advanced degrees and licenses in childhood education. Our teaching assistants all have yearly training as mandated by the latest NYS DOHMH.

  • What If My Child Has Allergies?

    During the enrollment period you must notify our staff members of any and all allergies that your child has, so we will refrain from exposing them. If your child has special dietary restriction, you are more then welcome to provide your own food that we will store and provide to the child at meal and snack time.

  • If My Child Requires Medication, Will a Staff Member Be Able to Administer It?

    We cannot and will not administer any medication, over the counter or prescription. We will only administer first aid as needed, along with topical antibacterial ointment.

  • What Is a Typical Day at Little Scholars?

    We strive to have every child experience and learn something new every day. We want every child to walk away every day happy, smiling, and a little more informed about the world around them then they were the day before. Children follow a schedule that allows them to learn, experience, explore, and learn in a progressive and productive manner.

  • What Do You Do in an Event of an Emergency?

    Depending on the type of emergency, parents will be contacted as quickly as possible. They will be notified as to the type of emergency and expected to proceed in the matter in a helpful and attentive manner.

  • What If My Child Has an Allergic Reaction While at the Center?

    If your child has an allergic reaction, you will be notified right away. You are expected to come to the center right away. We can call 911 if you feel that you cannot come in a timely manner. We will administer first aid and help as is allowed by the NYS DOHMH.

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