Below you can find a list of all of our enrichment classes and prices. More classes will be added in the future but to secure you Little Scholar’s place be sure to contact us soon as classes quickly fill up.

Dance ($10/class) 2 twice a week

Helps develop a healthy lifestyle through dance and movement. Lets children work on their gross motor muscles through physical activities. Teaches children routines that can apply throughout their childhood. During Dance classes children are giving their brains a break while still playing, dancing and engaging in fun and useful physical activities.

Phonemic Yoga ($15/class) twice a week

Helps children expand their focus levels and center their cores. Children learn phonemic awareness through relaxation and serenity. Stimulates child’s readiness and ability to communicate. Allows children to feel safe and secure with learning new material through relaxation. 

Krav Maga ($15/class) twice a week

Allows children to work out core muscle strength. Teaches children to systematize physical strength. Provides children with self awareness, con dence and motivation. Allows children to work out their minds and bodies while having fun and playing. Utilizes and promotes child’s coordination and core strength. 

Russian: ($10/class) twice a week

Learning another language is a brain booster for children’s developing brains. Learn core language, alphabet, and beginning words sounds. Learn rhythms and songs of another language through play and fine motor movements. 

Additional classes will be added in the future. Families can sign up for our enrichment classes that are not enrolled in our daycares however it is on an availability basis.

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