5 Tips to make this Christmas as Enjoyable as Possible!

At Freedom we understand that this year has been extremely difficult for many families across the country. Lockdown and finance are a few of the many struggles occurring throughout the year. With the high expense of Christmas quickly approaching, here’s a few tips on how you can make your family Christmas special.

1. Get Planning

The sooner you start planning your Christmas, the less stressful it will be! Start making lists of everything you need to do and buy to make the festive time extra special for you and your family. By spreading your costs out through November and December, the total sum of what you are required to buy should seem a less daunting figure.

It’s not all about cost, trying to buy a large number of gifts can create anxiety, by giving yourself more time you’ll be able to enjoy the festive period much more.

2. DIY Decorations

You don’t need to buy brand new decorations every year to make your home special. Spend some quality time with your family by creating homemade decorations. This will be great fun for the family; create special, ever-lasting decorations and save on an expensive price tag. How festive can you make your house this year?

3. Games

Christmas should be about the family, creating memories and traditions for your children to take through the rest of their lives. There’s some fantastic television on this Christmas including Julia Donaldson’s Zog and the Flying Doctors (which we’re very much looking forward to) but be mindful that sharing a fun board game as a family can create a lovely atmosphere.

4. Shop Well

Leading up to the Christmas period, there’s always plenty of deals for you to make the most of. So, get organised early and snap up bargains and offers before the Christmas rush!

5. Presents

We all want our children to have a magical Christmas, and for children receiving presents is a large part (even though sometimes we wouldn’t like to admit it). There’s no doubt that with today’s hyper-consumer lead market we’re giving our children more than generations past. So, why not try elongating the Christmas present giving? We’ve discovered that opening a select small few on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning and after Christmas lunch helps the children to appreciate each gift.

We really hope these tips will help you and your family to have an amazing, fun-filled Christmas this year.

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