3-K, UPK Teacher

3-K, UPK Teacher

Little Scholars Learning Center

New Vacancy
56 000$ - 68 000$ per year

Full Job Description

We are looking for a 3-K, UPK Teacher who will help to ensure our goal – to provide the highest quality of early childhood education using theories from creative and high-scope educational models

Little Scholars is always innovating, that is why our ideas and curriculum will always stimulate all five areas of development:
1) social/emotional
2) cognitive
3) physical/motor
4) self-help/adaptive
5) communicative/language

We need a professional who will not just follow our progressive curriculum. But who, showing interest in work and love for children, will provide care so that parents are sure that their children are in a favorable environment.

In your day-by-day activities, you will work on:

  • Creating a safe environment where children will play and learn effectively and with pleasure
  • Closely cooperating with parents to meet their needs for providing the best possible care and education for their children
  • Implementation of the KCE’s curriculum tailored to the individual needs of each child
  • Preparation of lesson plans, programs and timetables successfully balancing academic and children’s needs. Preparation of teaching aids/materials for 3-K classes in accordance with the developed plans
  • Assistance and provision of necessary support for children who have social, academic or adaptational problems
  • Maintaining documentation, сompleting required academy and classroom paperwork
  • Taking part in parent-teacher meetings when necessary, providing parents with an assessment of the academic progress of their children and answering questions
  • Assisting and supervising children during all activities: play, education, routine (meals times and cleaning up)
  • Ensuring the safety of children, preventing injury and accidents by keeping equipment in order and carefully supervising children

We expect from you:

  • At least 1 year of experience within a preschool setting
  • Ability to develop activities that are fun and educational for young children
  • Ability to instruct young children on rules of conduct and learning new tasks
  • Ability to select the appropriate teaching method and adapt to children’s learning styles
  • Ability to effectively communicate with children and parents
  • Proficient active listening skills to understand and adapt to the various needs of children and parents
  • Patience and compassion are suitable for working with young children
  • Must meet state requirements for the position. Minimum of 12 CORE ECE Units
  • A strong ability to multitask, go with the flow and stay positive
  • Any second language is a plus (Russian, Chinese, Spanish, etc.)

Why working with us is a good idea:

  • Salary: 56 000$ – 68 000$ per year
  • Vision\dental and life insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Opportunities for professional and personal growth

Job Locations

448 Neptune Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11224

104 West End Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11235

4123 Avenue U,
Brooklyn, NY 11234

1502 W 1st St
Brooklyn, NY 11204

631 E 18th St
Brooklyn, NY 11226

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