teacher and child playing cubes
My Child Only Listens To Me When I Yell

Children have very different perspectives than adults do in this world. Their viewpoint occasionally contrasts sharply with ours. Your raised voice initially has no significance for a young child. They simply cannot see why their mother, whom they adore and who is sweet and kind, suddenly changed into a yelling stranger. The child usually doesn't...

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teacher and a girl smiling
Lies: Why Children Lie and What to Do

Why do children lie? - is a question that plagues parents and teachers frequently. Adults are frequently taken off guard by children's lies. Why is the baby waiting for the perfect moment to tell a lie? Children lie for the same reasons that adults do: to fit in, obtain attention, achieve a certain position, damage...

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multicultural group of children in a class with two teachers
Talking to Kids about Race: Seven Tips

It's crucial to start talking to your kids about race and tell your child about racism early on and to keep the dialogue going as they get older, whether you're a person of color or a white person. Even though discussing racism with children can seem challenging, you can do it if you are well-informed...

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children lying on the mat
Why Social Skills Are Key to Learning

Parents hope that by the time their child enters pre-school, they will be able to read and write. But there are many other crucial skills that must be mastered before concentrating on gaining academic knowledge. According to research, a child's social skills including cooperation, self-control, confidence, independence, curiosity, empathy, and communication are very important to...

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child raising hand in a group of peers
Winning Mindset – How to Raise a Successful Child

Parents frequently strive to offer their child everything at once in an effort to set up a child to win in life and make up for the things they were deprived of as children. Some of these things include the top-rated daycare centers and schools, the newest entertainment venues for birthday parties, and the nicest...

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