Great Books to Read to Your Six-to-Eight-Year-Old Part I

Great Books to Read to Your Six-to-Eight-Year-Old Part I - books pic 58da9474ee4c8Reading is a special activity that you can share with your child. As an infant turns into a tot, you can read to your young one, helping them as they begin to grasp the concept of language. Then, as your tot turns into a kiddo, it’s their turn to read to you. Finally, your kiddo has grown into a big kid, and she can read books with chapters. Some of the books don’t even have pictures! … or maybe just a few. Around the age of seven, kids start picking up books with some real material, and they can grasp more complex subjects. For instance, your kiddo might be able to solve a mystery or two in the Encyclopedia Brown series. Or perhaps your child can relate to the unique friendship struck in Roald Dahl’s The BFG. It’s an exciting time, and that’s why we’re taking some time here in our daycare center blogs to offer up some book suggestions. Here are a few great reads for children between the ages of six and eight – check back soon, since we’ll have more books that your child will cherish in our Great Books series!

Encyclopedia Brown
by Donald J. Sobol

If you have a little detective with a knack for solving crimes (and reading!), you’re kiddo will love Encyclopedia Brown. The book-turned-series has inspired a world of young sleuths. Each book, including the original Encyclopedia Brown book, surrounds a particularly gifted child, Leroy Brown, and his clever, instinctive solutions to seemingly complex mysteries. Introduce your kid to the gumshoe lifestyle with Encyclopedia Brown. Any book in the series is a winner.

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The BFG by Roald Dahl

The BFG surrounds the humble life and antics of the Big Friendly Giant (or BFG) and Sophie, our co-main character. The BFG is more docile than his counterparts that reside in Giant Country. While other giants are known to eat humans (even children!), the BFG maintains a peaceful life eating snozzcumbers. Our vegetarian giant and his normal-sized friend Sophie take on the task of imprisoning the other, dangerous giants that reside in Giant Country. Through cunning and cooperation, our two heroes bring safety to England.

If your child loves a story full of whimsy, magic, and dreams, they’ll love the tall tale of the Big Friendly Giant. This 200 page book may be a big read for your child, but once they open the cover, it’s a title that will be difficult to put down.

Remember, we’ll be posting more great reads for your kiddo in upcoming articles here on our daycare blog feed, so check back soon for more!