Guest Blog: Encouraging, Supporting & Equipping Parents!

Freedom Care and Children’s Services has worked collaboratively with many clients and individuals during our time as a growing business. Last Spring, we had the pleasure of working on various projects with Lorraine Lee.

For those of you who do not know or have not had the pleasure of working together or meeting Lorraine, Lorraine offers dynamic and inspiration training for parents, teachers, pupils and early years practitioners. This unique training method is delivered through a wide range of services:

    • Parent workshops
    • One-to-one sessions
    • Teacher training
    • INSET day training
    • PSHE lessons
    • Year group assemblies; and
    • Small pupil groups

Lorraine has three children and a background in Child Psychology, Positive Parenting Training and Child Development. She is incredibly passionate about giving children and young people the best chances possible. To that end, these training methods is designed to inform, equip and support all those with a role in the lives of our amazing children and young people.

The current pandemic situation has not made parenting an easy feat and there will be concerns about your children and their social interaction and situation post lockdown. Children have been so used to the past year of limited contact that this can impact their social awareness.

Now that children are back at school, giving them social responsibilities and increasing their independence is more important now than ever. To help the wheels in motion, make sure you involve them in the daily routines and preparation, this not only helps their independent thinking, but their ability to take on some responsibility.

Lorraine will be hosting some great workshops over the coming months:

On the 25th March there is a a zoom workshop equipping parents to help their children rediscover the SCOPE of learning. To engage with it both at school and at home.

“Children are in education for a long time! Having a love of learning rather than just specific subjects is a real asset and can help children develop essential additional skills in addition to their academic knowledge.”

         – Lorraine Lee

You can find out more about this event here

Lorraine will also be hosting a FREE workshop about helping us as parents to manage our ‘post lockdown’ parenting emotions and expectations. The workshop is on March 24th 8:00-9:30pm online and is funded by Facebook/myhappyhabits as part of the National Lottery 25 Years initiative!

You can register for the workshop here:…/tZwkdeGvqz4rG9Uk83rbHKOZseruL…

Also, do check out the My Happy Habits Facebook page where you can register for other sessions too:

We are pleased to have had the opportunities that we have had with Lorraine in the past and encourage parents to get in touch to find out more. Lorraine equips parents with the thinking, tools, strategies and confidence to have ongoing positive and fulfilling relationships with their children.

To find out more about Lorraine you can visit:


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