Your best pre k school choice for fun and interactive learning of the smallest students

Why pre k school learning is essential for a child

For parents who want their kids to be more prepared for further education, our pre k school is the right place for early development. The team of devoted teachers will help your child to explore the world in a safe and comforting environment, build a strong sense of self, and will assist during the learning process and discovering new things. The path of happy growth starts with Little Scholars – one of the pre-kindergarten schools in Brooklyn, NY with the highest standard of quality. A child-friendly curriculum and great age-appropriate facilities meet all requirements and rich pre k programs are aimed at attaining outstanding teaching results. We will spot and develop your kid’s talents and skills, instill a love of learning, and ensure positive social interaction with peers and adults.

Core working principles of our pre k school

  1. Encouraging enthusiasm and self-motivation is a top priority. Through the creation of appropriate conditions for the realization of children’s fullest natural potential (physical, social, emotional, cognitive), we strive to give support and kindle curiosity in our smallest students during the educational process.
  2. Balance in everything we do. Our competently designed and well-balanced pre-kindergarten programs for different ages is excellent preparation for further education at school. Thus, every kid will enjoy equal treatment in learning activities.
  3. Age-specific educational materials. Our team of preschool tutors produces a custom development experience, taking care of the well-being of every child and giving them a foundation for personal and physical growth.
  4. Flexible approach to teaching. Little Scholars teachers treat every kid as a unique individual while efficiently delivering child care services equally for everyone.

Skills your kid will obtain in our pre-kindergarten in Brooklyn, NY

Little Scholars daycare experts provide exceptional pre-school care services and play-based learning materials and resources for social development. Mainly, all programs are focused on growing the following skills:

  • Interaction with society and communication skills. The child learns to interact with the caregivers and with peers in the team. Children must be able to follow the accepted rules, but at the same time, have the ability to defend their own interests and clearly inform about their needs without hesitations. Appropriate games and activities will enhance important social skills.
  • Adapting to changes and self-management. These skills are crucial for the future success of preschoolers and toddlers. They should know how to control mood and behavior, as well as how to adjust to a new environment without stress.
  • Self-expression and creativity. Of course, the ability to use imagination and come up with original ideas is of high importance. Through creative play, every kid will grow mentally and emotionally, gaining the ability to cope with their feelings and freely share their thoughts.

Moreover, our committed and dedicated specialists in early education will take care of all-round development, including problem-solving skills, attention span, fine motor skills, etc.

Children who are brought up in an atmosphere of benevolence and calmness grow up more self-confident, sociable, emotionally open. Little Scholars is the right environment for exploring creativity, growing and educating small students.

What Are Parents Saying

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