Over 50% of Parents Feel ‘Addicted’ to their Smartphones!

Young children thrive and survive on the love and attention provided to them by their parents. A large part of this is simply ‘being present’ – listening, playing and interacting with them. There’s no doubt that being constantly distracted by a smartphone can cause a severe lack of this; which will hugely impact the early stages of a child’s development. Sadly, this is not uncommon. It has been identified that over 50% of parents feel ‘addicted’ to their smartphones.

Absent, distracted parents who constantly sit on their mobile phones are unable to provide the required social and emotional skills that children must develop at a significant stage of their lives. Shockingly, research has identified that, on average, parents only spend an extra 24 minutes per day of quality time with their children compared to their screen time. This means minimal time for learning and family time within the home.

This lack of attention and development can seriously affect your child’s behaviour. Commonly children can display attention seeking behaviour in order to seek their parent’s attention. A less attentive parent is likely to have a slower response and thus potentially causing a bigger problem. This can be extremely harmful for a family’s home life and relationship.

Additionally, children are prone to copy behaviour from their parents. 74% of parents are concerned their children have access to too much screen time. Thus, encouraging this behaviour is not beneficial at all.

Quality time spent with the family is critical to healthy relationships and a healthy life.

Take a look at this powerful video highlighting the importance of spending quality time with your children.

Also here’s content from Fran Graves, MD Freedom Childcare who has touched on this subject before:

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