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“Yes, we can!”

Let the youngest students say it after learning with Pre-k School teachers!

Child miracles in Pre-K School Professors

The children who studied in our Pre-k Brooklyn differ from others. They are ready for school and further “adult life”.

Gradually, your children will really become Professors. They will feel like genius emotional, physical, and intellectual leaders.

How to achieve this result?

Firstly, our dedicated teachers will lead your kids through this difficult way of growth. We work with the emphasis on four major aspects of development.

  • Intellectual — unique methods to learn
  • Emotional — new skills to cope with feelings
  • Physical — unexpected abilities to discover
  • Social — modern communication technics to try

Second, the Pre-K student-friendly curriculum and special programs make the studying process more fascinating. The child enjoys all the facilities appropriate for that age and the individual approach of our passionate teachers.

Therefore, the child will go to school having a wide range of skills and well-known opportunities. A real Professor is going to conquer this world of education!

Four pillars of our Pre-K special place

There are so many Pre-K schools in Brooklyn NY. Why are you coming to us? Let’s find out together.

  1. Modern priorities. Despite common important aspects of this age, we encourage the eager spirit and self-motivation. Young enthusiasts have all the conditions to explore new things, create something new and realize their ideas.

For example, if your child is curious about autos and other transport, we will support it and work on the potential of a small future constructor!

  1. Strong balance. Our team strives to give equal knowledge in different spheres. All children will be able to study by well-built programs that satisfy the needs of four- and five-year-old freshmen.

Thus, the kids can learn different things they are interested in together. The program is the same for everybody but every child has its special way to study.

  1. Age focus. Our preschool education is designed according to the needs and wishes of young students. This age is very specific and requires enough attention and custom materials.

Our experienced tutors follow all the modern trends in education and keep the traditional basics. This combination is the most successful in taking care of every child of 4 or 5.

  1. Flexible teaching. The individual approach is very important in this period of personal development. The Little Scholars tutors keep the equality principles for everybody and don’t discriminate against anybody.

However, in our exceptional children’s place, everybody feels special. Come and see how it works for us!

Must-have skills to learn with us

When the children are learning, they need to be concentrated and interested enough. When it is considered difficult for this age, our teachers fight with the stereotypes by modern methods!

  • Communication leads the world! While we are talking about the importance of being confident in society, people close their children at home to watch cartoons. It is a very wrong decision. Our approach is based on social interaction, playing, and studying together.

In our Brooklyn new school Pre-K, the child learns to follow the rules and accept the restrictions. We teach not to be afraid of the “no” words, defend their interests, and make the needs and wishes more clear. Imagine how confident and clever will be your kid at school!

  • Changes are not scary. The next step in our education way is connected with the ability to adapt and manage the activities. Currently, the world is moving too rapidly, so kids must be ready to accept new reality every year.

Therefore, preschoolers will be able to control behavior and manage their mood swings. Remember the kids can overcome the transformations without stress!

  • Imagination helps to have success! Nobody is so creative and innovative as children. So, the young Professors should be ready to share their ideas and show their hidden talents.

Our teachers motivate the kids to express their feelings, desires, and plans. No doubt, together we will create a generation of genius heroes!

The main goal of our professionals is to grow up friendly, open, and self-confident children. Little Scholars built the perfect environment of equality, creative minds, and permanent motivation. Even the smallest students are ready to improve their skills and be proud of themselves!

What to know before studying in Brooklyn Pre-K Schools?

If your child is four years old, you are thinking of going to Little Scholars to start preschool education for your kid. There are several important points to consider.

The answer is that our free and low-cost programs are available for children who are residents of New York and reached the age of four. Contact our managers to discuss the details.

You will get our unique materials, cooperation with the modern experienced teachers and, what’s the most important, a feeling of safety. All the educational opportunities are open for you with us.

What pre-k criteria should you check before choosing your place? 

  • Facilitating curriculum and friendly environment;
  • Individual approach, safety issues, and sanitary rules;
  • Age-focused materials and activities;
  • Versatile branches of learning and equality principles.

It is important to pay attention to such a wide list of components to be sure about your child’s academic process.

How old are Pre-K Professors in NYC?

If your child reached the age of four, congrats — we are inviting him or her to pre-kindergarten age! It is definitely one of the most important periods of life because the kids have already learned the fundamental things and are ready to use them!

Previously, they find out the difference between colors, shapes, studied body parts and numbers. As they are four know, their creativity and communication wishes are flourishing!

Pre-k education means social and intellectual deep development. What does it mean?

  • Accept positive and negative emotions
  • Distinguish different personality behaviors
  • Understand basic rules of tolerance
  • Open the creative minds inside
  • Interact with other people in various environments

Of course, parents are worried about how is the process going on. You can take a tour of our magic LS world and get rid of all the concerns. The pre-k period is the decisive time for further education and personality growth, so don’t miss the opportunity to improve your baby’s future!

Pre-k and preschool fundamental differences

In general, both periods are focused on the child’s development and personal growth. The educational programs are prepared to ensure good future results. The high-qualified specialists use their special tools and tactics to support creativity, friendliness, and active communication.

The key difference between both educational approaches is the age. For example, the preschools are welcoming toddlers who are from two to four years old. This is the first important stage of a child’s development because it is connected with physical changes and psychological influences.

Then, when your “small adult” gets the base skills and abilities, he is ready for the Pre-k education for children over four years old. The kids make their first steps to school which will take many years.

So, the teachers try to give them all the most vital knowledge and experiences. They become emotionally-strong and confident, open for new meetings and opportunities!

No obligation but kind advice

If we talk about living in the NYC area, we know that going to Pre-k schools is not mandatory. There is no law saying your child must visit the kindergarten when he or she reaches four.

But what’s about the world rules? If we think about living in the world in its straight and personal meaning, we find lots of advantages of Pre-k education.

Do you want the child to grow up with the other children and be ready for difficulties?

Should the kids complete different challenges and creative tasks to be strong in the future?

Is it the right age for the young person to find the interests, talents and start working on them to gain early success?

Would you like to see your children happy and cheerful playing and communicating with peers and adults?

So, we can create our own obligations with our passionate tutors: the children must get the Pre-k education! They have to get enough knowledge, attention, conversations, and skills as they deserve.

Let’s start our cooperation and soon you will hear “Yes, we can” from your children! Little Scholars Pre-K welcomes every young Professor to start school preparation!

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What Are Parents Saying

Little Scolars is the best daycare for my soon! We have been visiting for several months. Everything is fine, thanks to the adaptation. This is the first place where my daughter went without crying. In terms of nutrition, the child can follow a strict diet, which many cannot. Recommend!

Alisha Webb
a weak ago

Perfect place for kids! I wish I knew about it earlier. My daughter started to go there since she was two years old. But I know there are several age groups. We used to go to another daycare, but we liked Little Scholars daycare centres Brooklyn more. My daughter rejected the idea change a kindergarten at first. Now She is in love with all her teachers and groupmates. The classes they have are great. I see the result, and I do not care about school. My kid prepared for that. Thank you very much!

Oliver McWillson
10 months ago

My 3k student loves Little Scholars! As a parent, I've seen him go from crying at every drop-off to hopping out of the car eager to get to school in the morning. The teachers are attentive to my child, responsive to my inquiries about his development and I get updates on him throughout the day. We are so happy to have found Little Scholars.

Nyota Muhammad-Llenas
2 months ago