Little Scholars

Summer Camp 2022


Why is Summer Camp from Little Scholars a favorite place both for children and parents?

  • We don’t offer just the opportunity to “spend time”, kids will have 8 weeks of studying in playful form with outdoor activities. Adventure duration — July 5th - September 1st
  • Small groups for deep learning of one of 5 majors! As we focus on individual approach to everybody and communication with friends in team games
  • The summer camp in daycare provides a chance to improve health, gain unique skills, make new friends while having classes outside.
  • Children learn to be independent and make their own decisions thanks to our special program and regular field trips!


Young professors will open the new sides of our world and make wonderful experiments to develop imagination!
Little soccer players or NBA players will be able to start their way with us and to learn the basics of real sports training!
If your child has some passion for figures and counting, here we are! Maybe he is a future banker or financier? It’s high time to teach them new essential skills!
Creative thinking has no boundaries, that’s why it is so interesting for children to see things how they want and instill a passion for art
Dancing, singing, playing the piano — the activities kids really enjoy! We will combine the pleasure and studying process and you will be surprised with the result!


When the summer holiday is coming, you as a parent might wonder how to plan activities for your kids. Maybe you are going to have an interesting family vacation. Maybe you want your children to stay with grandparents for several months? Or maybe you are planning to find a nanny to organize some entertainment? But how can you make the summertime for your kid both useful and entertaining?

The best option is to look for summer camps for children! Little Scholars is welcoming everybody to start a new adventure, learn new skills, and have 8 weeks of unforgettable childhood experience!

You don’t have to send your child away from home or worry about going somewhere for long distances. All of our Summer Camps are based in Little Scholars centers, Brooklyn, New York. At summer camp, we provide interesting outdoor leisure activities for every child! It will be an interesting time spent, saturated with the field trips, educational activities, and communication with other kids and teachers. During the summer camp, kids will learn new skills, start doing new things they never tried before, and take part in talent shows!


Our summer camp is dedicated for kids of 3-5 years old. This age is the golden time for spending holidays usefully, participating in team building, and exploring new things all the time. Classes in Little Scholars are entertaining and useful for curious and active kids. Modern camps for children focus on the educational and training programs that are designed specifically for their age.

We provide you with the most comfortable conditions and an affordable price — 1300$ per month, and an extra 400$ fee for covering eight trips.

Yes, we welcome everybody who is interested in spending amazing and funny summer holidays!

Firstly, we will provide you with detailed information about summer camp activities and schedules. Secondly, our specialists will have a conversation with you and your kid to understand his preferences and wishes to find the best major that fits his skills and goals. Be sure that the team of professionals will help to make the right choice!

Summer camp starts 5th July, however you can apply for enrolment till August 31st.

Summer camp application countdown


Learn and Play

It is a well-known fact that if we want to relieve stress from intellectual activity, active rest, and communication are necessary. Little Scholars created the most appropriate combination of different activities in our summer camp!

Kids activities

  • Unusual arts and crafts
  • Fascinating trips every week
  • Extraordinary science experiments
  • Unique planting practice
  • Building and sculpting

Parent's best choice

Parents choose camps for their children as a good way to organize studying and entertainment during the holiday. It will be the best decision to come to our childcare center and explore new things for better time spending. Contact us to find out the details and start an awesome adventure together with your kids!

Summer Camp Centers Locations

  • Little Scholars 1 Little Scholars 152 QUENTIN ROAD Brooklyn, NY 11223
  • Little Scholars 2 Little Scholars 2448 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224
  • Little Scholars 3 Little Scholars 3104 West End Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • Little Scholars 4 Little Scholars 44123 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11234
  • Little Scholars 5 Little Scholars 51502 W 1st St B, Brooklyn, NY 11204
  • Little Scholars 6 Little Scholars 6631 E 18th St, Brooklyn, NY 11226

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