Returning to School Blues

With September quickly approaching, it is pretty normal for your children to begin feeling anxious about returning to school. However, at Freedom we recognise that this can also be a stressful time for parents.

We want to help ensure this return to school is as stress free as possible for the whole family. So, here are 6 helping tips to reassure your children and your mind throughout this challenging time.

  1. Start preparing for a routine change

With one of the longest breaks away from the school environment, getting back into the school routine is likely to be challenge for the whole family. That’s why at Freedom we advise you to start this new schedule now. Reinforce more structure into your home with regular bedtimes, meal times and eating breakfast together in the morning will all help to ease you and your children into the transition back to school.

  1. Talk to each other

Listen to any anxieties that your children express and assure them they’re not on their own with their feelings. Talking through any fears and worries together is a great way to overcome them. Explain to your children that you get nervous to start new things too, but after a day or two, it always turns out to be great fun.

  1. Stay Active

Keeping active and getting out in the fresh air with your children is extremely beneficial for you and your children’s mental health. Letting off steam, as a family, is a great way to shake off any worries you and your children may be experiencing.

  1. Deep Breathing

When times are difficult, staying calm is critical. Your children may mirror your anxieties, so it is important to provide reassuring encouragement to your children. Deep breathing together is a great technique to calm your children down. A positive attitude will help to create a calmer, happier, stress-free environment for the whole family.

  1. Go Out With Friends

Meeting up with a familiar face before returning to school can help with your child’s anxiety. Reminding them that their peers are feeling exactly the same will help to ease their minds. Additionally, chatting to a fellow parent about their worries and transition plans will help to reassure your own mind.

  1. Prepare the Night Before

To ensure the morning of the first day back runs smoothly, it is definitely essential to prepare the night before. Getting the packed lunches made, bags packed and uniform laid out the night before will certainly minimise a rushed morning with last minute workloads.

We hope these tips can help you and your family create a calm, stress-free, pleasant experience back to school.


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