The Importance of Freedom’s Core Values

At Freedom Care our core values are very important to us, not just as a business but as a team as well.

Recently, the Head Office team and I had a training session at Elmer’s Court, ahead of moving into our new offices. The session was mainly focused around our six core values:


With the new office transition, it’s important that our core values are embedded within the new layout, but equally how we demonstrate these values to one another on a daily basis.

The overall day consisted of several workshops focusing on best practice for our core values, safety measures for the new offices and most importantly, getting all of the team members together.

Remote working has been beneficial to our business and allowed us to keep the services we provide to continue through one way or another. However, we have had some new joiners over the recent months and it is important that everyone has the opportunity to meet face-to-face and also gives the team the opportunity to discuss anything at hand; pressures, anxiety of returning to work, suggestions and ideas for the new offices and how we continue to work together in an office.

It was great to be with the team once again and all in all the day was a success. We have a lot to look forward to.

A huge thank you to Elmer’s Court for hosting us, too.



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