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Tramadol is a powerful painkiller and is prescribed by a medical practitioner only when there is chronic and severe pain experienced by patients over long periods. It is a controlled drug and comes under the class of narcotics analgesic medication. If the drug is abused and misused even slightly it can lead to a dangerous situation leading to the death of the person.

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Further, Tramadol is addictive and should be taken only under the supervision of a doctor. The medication has to be purchased from authentic pharmacies only and tablets that are left after the treatment should be destroyed and must not pass into the wrong hands. It is very effective in reducing the amount of pain experienced by a patient due to surgery, diseases, or accident. The extended-release form of Tramadol is prescribed by doctors when there is a need for 24 hours treatment.

The medication is not given to a person below 18 years and the dosage is suggested by a doctor only after ascertaining the patient’s health history. Any wrong use or abuse of the drug can lead to the instant death of the person.

Tramadol Usage

Tramadol is pretty strong and therefore your doctor would recommend short treatment only to avoid any side effects. Tramadol is a synthetic Opioid and acts on the brain and spine through the central nervous system. If you are suffering from an allergy to the medication or have a seizure disorder then you shouldn’t take the drug. Similarly, you cannot take the drug if you have suicidal tendencies.

The medicine can block the stomach or liver of some patients and some have trouble breathing it is for this reason that your doctor’s advice is of utmost importance. You may have to undergo several clinical tests if you suffer from other medical conditions. It is by ascertaining your past and present health that your doctor will be able to tell whether the drug is suitable for you or not.

Again, it doesn’t go well with alcohol or drugs and several other medications and therefore your doctor will be the ultimate person to recommend the most suitable dose for you. Your doctor will ask you to take the whole tablet and ask you not to crush or chew it as taking one tablet after breaking it would mean the same symptom as an overdose. An overdose of Tramadol analgesic tablet would mean extreme danger and the person has to be hospitalized immediately.

Dosage and other Information

The dosage of Tramadol is usually recommended by your doctor although some people get prescriptions from nurses, dentists, health inspectors, etc, it is always best to take advice from a qualified medical practitioner. You may find the side effects even worse than your earlier symptoms before you started with the drug.

You may suffer from high fever, sore throat, eye and skin pain, skin rash, and slow breathing which can be life-threatening. You may have side effects like slow heart rate, light-headed feeling, nausea, vomiting, or worsening weakness throughout your body.

All the above calls for an instant medical emergency and treatment or may prove fatal.