Outdoor Play

Outdoor activities are a great alternative to using electronic gadgets all day indoors. Your children can rest in nature, spend time with their friends, and enjoy various summer games. Outdoor play is an opportunity to make new friends, learn to resolve disputes and find compromises and disagreements.

There are none of the rules and restrictions that children always have at home. They can throw a ball, jump and run around without fear of getting injured or knocking over fragile furniture. There are no walls or windows, and they can feel free to do whatever they want to.

Outdoor games for children relieve emotional and physical stress and get rid of pent-up energy without damaging household property. The main job of the adults here is to direct the overflowing energy in a way that is useful to the child by coordinating the game.

Why outdoor play is important

The main benefit of summer outdoor games is the positive effect on general well-being. Fun games combined with outdoor activities help to strengthen the immune system, which was especially useful during the pandemic. Physical exercise improves health, boosts the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, and enhances the stability of mental health.

It also accelerates metabolism in a natural, healthy way. The fresh air helps plants produce phytoncides, which destroy tumor cells and reduce the risk of cancer when inhaled by humans.

Outdoor games for kids help “shake off” the fat accumulated during the winter and activate the production of vitamin D in the child’s body, which is formed only under the influence of UV light. The child becomes stronger and learns to quickly respond to a changing environment.

With a great number of benefits, parents can use some of the following ideas for outdoor games.

Getting your child into outdoor play: ideas

Psychologists say that when a child is at rest in nature it is very beneficial for their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Drawing chalk is a great tool for safe and fun playing even in the backyard. Children are always very excited to create their drawings on the asphalt so that everybody can enjoy their masterpieces. This activity can make them leave behind their phones and tablets and go outside.

Doctors say throwing a frisbee provides tremendous health benefits both for adults and children. Parents will be able to have a quick workout or lose extra pounds trying to catch up with their kid’s speed. The game improves dexterity, strength, and reaction time.

If you have a hard time distracting your child from their smartphone, maybe it is time to buy a children’s scooter. By riding scooters, you can teach children the traffic rules on the road. This hobby is very beneficial for the respiratory system and prevents various respiratory diseases. Due to the improved blood flow, the bone tissue receives more nutrition so that a child grows faster.

For children, there are no better summer games than swimming in their own pool, especially if it’s hot outside.

You can choose an inflatable children’s pool with a hood, fountain, and slide. Don’t forget to change the water daily and wear a protective cap to keep the water clean longer.

One of the favorite outdoor games for children is those that let them spend the night outdoors camping. You don’t have to go into the woods with no bathroom or other amenities either. In the evening, you can light a fire, bake potatoes in hot ashes, tell each other interesting stories, and then fall asleep in warm sleeping bags.

If you are into gardening, try to pick fruits and vegetables together. If there are fruit trees and a garden in your country house, you can teach children to pick fruits and vegetables. Searching for ripe strawberries and raspberries is an exciting and delicious experience.

Though summertime is obviously an amazing time to have fun and enjoy many activities, sometimes injuries are inevitable.

Bumps and bruises when playing outside

Summer injuries are an integral part of childhood. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely protect a child from injury, but all trained adults can competently provide first aid. The most important rule is not to panic! If a child is injured, it is necessary to provide first aid or consult a doctor. Depending on the nature of the damage, the number of primary measures will be different.

  • Bruises are the most common trauma in children. A bruise does not damage the skin, but the bruise (swelling and bleeding under the skin) appears at the impact site. You should apply ice or a cold object to the site of injury. You can do this several times during the first day in the form of applications for 5-7 minutes. With increased bruising, it is necessary to contact a traumatologist.
  • An abrasion is a superficial injury to the skin. In most cases, treatment of abrasions consists of applying an antiseptic solution. However, if there is any redness around the abrasion, swelling, or fluid discharge on the skin, it is necessary to take your child to a pediatric surgeon.
  • Wounds are the most diverse type of injury. This one is quite deep compared to abrasion, especially if it is accompanied by bleeding. The main premedical measure for wounds is to stop bleeding. To do this, you should apply a pressure bandage to the wound, first washing it, if possible, with water to remove foreign bodies and treating it with an antiseptic solution. Do not attempt to remove foreign bodies from the wound with your unclean hands, since there is a possibility of infecting the wound.
  • Bites from insects in summer may seem like a harmless issue but sometimes they can be serious. First, you should remember that various repellents are very good at protecting children from insects. With minor insect bites, doctors usually prescribe antihistamines, with an itchy insect bite (wasps, bees); you should contact a medical center for possible removal of the insect bite and treatment of the wound.
  • If you are bitten by a tick, you should definitely contact a pediatric surgeon or orthopedic traumatologist. You should not attempt to remove the tick yourself, as this increases the risk of infection with tick-borne encephalitis or borreliosis. You can protect your child and vaccinate against tick-borne encephalitis at our children’s medical center.

Your child is going to love spending time outdoors in summer. It is an unforgettable experience, and it is very important to keep it safe in order to enjoy it together.