Sunburn in a Child – What to Do

two hands holding a sunscreen with some amount put on the hand

All parents recognize the risks of direct exposure to sunlight and strive to protect their children as much as possible, but it can be challenging. Children do not understand the risks of heat stroke and it is almost impossible for them to leave the beach or shelter under an umbrella on a hot day to … Read more

Summer Safety Tips for Children

girl wearing inflatable vest running on the shore in the water

Summertime is the most thrilling, and unfortunately, the shortest time for kids to have fun. There are summer camps or visits to grandparents and other times when kids spend a lot of time without their parents. They go swimming, go for walks in the park or go for bike rides in the forest. . Summer … Read more

Protecting Your Child From Heat Illness

boy holding the heart shaped red paper lying on the floor

Our bodies can overheat in excessive heat, which is especially dangerous for young children. Therefore, during the hot season, it is advised that kids only spend time in the open sun in the morning – until 11 a.m. – and in the afternoon – starting at 4 p.m. The duration of such walks can gradually … Read more

Outdoor Play

group of children playing outside girl wearing orange t-shirt laughing

Outdoor activities are a great alternative to using electronic gadgets all day indoors. Your children can rest in nature, spend time with their friends, and enjoy various summer games. Outdoor play is an opportunity to make new friends, learn to resolve disputes and find compromises and disagreements. There are none of the rules and restrictions … Read more

Summer Safety Tips for Children

two children playng bungee on the playground

With the start of the outdoor season, the issue of protection against insects in summer becomes increasingly pressing. Various methods of insect protection are used to prevent children from annoying bug bites (such as mosquito bites, tick bites, etc.): some are harmless, while others can harm a baby. Close windows and doors or apply mosquito … Read more

Riding A Bike — How To Teach Your Baby

Some of the benefits of cycling in early childhood include being physically active, having fun with friends, and gaining independence. Children and their parents all dream about one day riding without side wheels and support, which gives them an incredible feeling of freedom and independence. Learning to ride a bike is also a good way … Read more

Routines for Children in The Morning: the basics

Studies show that routines for children help them grasp the passage of time or keep their attention focused for a long time. This means that in order to anticipate changes in their lives, children are guided by the presence of routines and regular family rules. Parenting experts all agree that instituting a daily routine for … Read more

Lies: Why Do Children Lie and What to Do?

Childhood lies are a problem that almost all parents have to face sooner or later. It is essential for parents to notice this tendency and take action. Sometimes parents prefer to ignore, shout, punish or simply say: “It’s not okay to lie.” But this is what makes children even more delusional. No matter how obedient … Read more

What to Do if a Child Fights at a Daycare?

two boys pillow fighting on the bed

Unfortunately, almost all parents are facing the problem of a fight at daycare. Sometimes the children start fights in the daycare or suffer from the aggressive behavior of other kids. We will look into the most common reasons why your child stopped listening to you, and we will also try to find a way out … Read more

Raising Children Without Punishment

woman hugging a boy and carrying him on hands

Parenting is a long and not effortless process. You explain to your baby the basics of life. It is vital to use only the right educational methods and to avoid anything that can be harmful. The biggest issue is punishment for a child. You know that the best solution is to prevent the problem. Talk … Read more