Riding A Bike — How To Teach Your Baby

Some of the benefits of cycling in early childhood include being physically active, having fun with friends, and gaining independence. Children and their parents all dream about one day riding without side wheels and support, which gives them an incredible feeling of freedom and independence. Learning to ride a bike is also a good way to improve physical and emotional health, which is why it is a vital skill to have even in adulthood.

In fact, it is the most exciting and useful thing you can teach a preschooler in spring or summer. This process is not as difficult as it seems. If you follow a few simple rules, any three or four-year-old child can easily start riding on two wheels.

If you are a mom or dad thinking of how to teach a child to ride a bike, use our two-stage learning method. The advice is to practice balance at the first stage and then combine it with the pedaling skill. This method of training is much faster than using additional wheels. Keep reading to find out all the secrets!


When you teach a child to ride a bike, don’t forget about a few important things to do before.

Find the right place

It is better to study in a quiet place without cars and other people who will frighten the child and distract him. For instance, you can go to the playground or park so if, or when, your child falls they’ll be cushioned by the soft lawns and grass. But try to avoid any place with dirt surfaces since they are not appropriate for children bicycle.

Prepare the kids bike

If the bicycle has training wheels, the first step is to remove them. They do more harm than good because they do not give a sense of balance. It is perfect to ride on two wheels at once. Otherwise, you will have to change the strategy later, and this is more difficult.

Wear special equipment

You should buy safety equipment like a helmet, and knees and elbow pads to keep your kids safe. Extra protection won’t hurt. Teach your child to be careful and observe all the important safety rules.


One modern way to learn to ride a bike early in childhood is by using a run bike aka balance bicycle. Balance bicycles are two-wheeled chairs, similar to a bicycle without pedals, that have become popular all over the world. At the age of two, a toddler can try to balance, keep the steering wheel straight, fit into turns and become comfortable with speed. After learning this skill, the only challenge that needs to be overcome on a bicycle is how to pedal.

How to teach a child to ride a bike? You should start from the proper position.

The task is to move without pedaling and push off the ground first with their feet. The goal is to drive a few meters. Explain that they need to accelerate, and then raise their legs and go.

In this way, kids can focus only on balance and it feels much more simple. Do not forget to encourage the child, even if they do not succeed at first.

After 30-50 minutes of training or the next day, when the child is more confident, you can start to learn how to pedal.


It is challenging to control the pedals while staying balanced so we recommend going in small steps and breaking down the big tasks into smaller ones.

First, put the pedal in a comfortable position, and then tell the child to press it and just roll. Gradually make the task more complicated by telling them to press down on one pedal and then both, so they can gain momentum and ride as much as possible. Eventually and hopefully, the child will be able to drive alone soon.

Let them increase their skills by practicing simultaneous control of the pedals and balancing at the same time. After pressing on the pedals, and gaining enough speed the child should remove his feet. They should start pedaling again only when the bike starts to slow down.

If you are with your partner, let your son or daughter ride from you to your partner and vice versa. It is important that the child looks at the person, and not at the pedals. After a few minutes of practice, they should be able to ride on their own.

Remember that children learn by seeing so you can always ride together to demonstrate how to ride correctly. Going for a bike ride to a nearby park with your kids can be enjoyable for both of you and it can become a regular routine between the two of you so that eventually your child will be able to go off on their own.