Key Considerations When Employing a Nanny

When employing a nanny there is responsibilities to the children, the employers, and the employee (nanny) in duty of care and legal responsibilities.

Health and safety are the responsibility of both employer and the employee when looking after your staff (nanny) and the children wellbeing.  We run a specific course on this as there are legal requirements that the nanny needs to be aware of otherwise the consequences can be profoundly serious.


It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure the nannies place of work is a safe environment so that accidents are avoidable.  An employer must inform their insurance company that they have a daily nanny.  If you have a live-in nanny this detail must be specified.  Especially in these difficult times of Covid it would have been employer’s responsibility to ensure the nanny could work reasonably and safely.  And in turn the nannie’s responsibility to the children to ensure their safety whilst she was in charge of them.

Nanny Links Advice:

The nanny must be responsible in her duties

In respect of:

  • The home is it safe or does the nanny need to request some changes: i.e.: stairs, ponds, blinds and so forth
  • When the nanny takes them out – have they checked the risks and taken appropriate action
  • Activities in the home; What risks? and how to cope with different ages needs
  • Cooking: Has the nanny considered any risks?

Nanny Link offers a training module in Health and safety and one aspect we cover is risk assessments.  It is an important for the nanny and the family complete a risk assessment so that any potential problems can be addressed.  Keep records of these being done.

Always ensure the nanny has up to date first aid, there is an accident book available, and the first aid kit is up to date.

A brief for parents:

Under UK health and safety law, as an employer, you have a duty to ensure that the working conditions of your staff are suitable and risk free. There are many things you should do to make sure they stay safe when working in your company, from providing an environment where risks are controlled to consulting with them on health and safety matters.

This guide explains the key things you should provide your employees, to make sure your company health and safety is of a high standard and meets legal requirements.

You must also have insurance that covers your staff in the event they get hurt, injured, or ill while working for your business.

Conduct risk assessments

  • This involves identifying sensible measures to control hazards and risks in your home that will ensure the safety of your nanny and children
  • Should check what could harm your employees when doing their job and make sure you have the precautions in place to stop that from happening.

Safety equipment

  • Provide the necessary equipment to protect the nanny such a fire extinguisher, smoke alarms and first aid.
  • It is wise to have spare keys by the doors in case of a fire as you may wish to lock doors whilst in the house. Have emergency checks on getting out.


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