6 Important Signs of a Great Childcare Center

Placing your kid in a daycare center is one of the best decisions you can make. It not only ensures the safety and security of your child but also sets the foundation for their relationship with the school. Long term analysis shows that enrolling children in early childhood education increases their chances of earning more money in their adulthood. The increment ranges between 1.3% and 3.5%

Because of this, you must engage the best child care center you can find. That’s the only way to stimulate your kid mentally while meeting their daily needs. If you’re looking for a child care center, here are the qualities to look for.

1. Qualified and Caring Caregivers

The child care center you select should be licensed and accredited by the state. The child care providers should have extensive training and experience working with children.

All the staff in the facility should be certified in first aid and CPR. The child care service you choose should provide this information willingly upon request.

As a parent, you can learn a lot via observation. Take time and listen to how caregivers interact with children. The teachers and caregivers should talk respectfully to the kids.

Beyond interacting with kids, do you feel comfortable with the daycare facility? Are they clear, communicative and eager to partner with you in caring for your kids?

2. Stellar Reviews

A great child care service maintains a solid reputation. Such includes positive reviews from the current and past parents.

Well, there are different ways in which you can get these reviews. First, you can check online and see what the parents have to say. Alternatively, you can request the child care center to provide contact details of parents you can call for references.

As you go through the reviews, check for any pattern, good or bad. No single child daycare in Brooklyn is perfect. However, if a negative review persists, then something is wrong.

3. Caring, Loving and Stimulating Environment

You’ll feel this immediately you walk through the door. In this case, the first impression is everything.

Does the area seem like a clean, fun, vibrant space for your kid? Have a look at the environment, do the kids in the area feel or look happy?

Check whether the facility has an age-appropriate environment for every stage. For instance, the infant room should have plenty of floor space for crawlers. The older kids should have desks or tables for crafts or coloring.

4. Check the Adult to Child Ratio

What’s the adult to child ratio in your child care center? If the daycare center has too many kids, your child may not get the attention they need. If possible, the facility shouldn’t have more than 10 kids per adult.

5. Safety, Safety, Safety

Great daycare centers in Brooklyn NY go the extra mile to promote children’s safety. This includes childproofing, maintaining a safe play space, employing food safety practices and routine supervisions.

A well-childproofed area will include the following:

  • Installing covers on all outlets
  • Fastening window blind pull strings with anchors
  • Blocking the stairs with a baby gate
  • Securing potentially toxic items like cleaning supplies and medication
  • Ensuring all toys are clean and in good condition

6. An Interesting Curriculum or a Varied Schedule

What makes a daycare center “great” here is dependent on what you want for your child.

Do you want a fluid, loose schedule that’s more child-led with frequent changes? Maybe you prefer a school-like environment with a rigid curriculum. Either way, your ideal daycare facility will meet your needs. Also, ensure that videos or television play a minimal role unless they’re age-appropriate content and part of the curriculum.


Do you want to enroll your kid in a Brooklyn childcare center? Probably you want the most affordable facility that offers the highest quality services and is close to your home or work station. Well, there are several considerations to make. You need to ensure that the facility enjoys stellar reviews and is safe for your child. Take your time to do the research and ensure the daycare center will meet your needs.