3 year old preschool

The childhood of any person consists of certain periods, during which babies discover new opportunities and horizons almost every day. Each of these periods has its own characteristics. Having come to our 3 year old preschool, their world ceases to exist only within the framework of the family and the kid gradually “merges” into the life of society.

How does the child’s life change after 3 years?

At three years old, the little one has already grown up and got stronger, they have become more independent and have their own interests. Now children won’t play with rattles or just run around the apartment as well as sit in one place for a long time and do the same type of work. 

Normally, they need a stable preschool for 3 year olds regime to be able to express energy and emotions, realize their strengths and capabilities, develop intellectual abilities and simply have fun. Fortunately, we have made a timetable that fits both children and adults.

3 year old preschool curriculum

This period in the life of a baby is a time when parents need to pay particular attention to activities aimed at the development of the child. Moreover, it is desirable that classes for 3 year olds are conducted in a playful way. 

Hence, the assimilation of information occurs at a subconscious level. Taking into account all of the features of childhood education, we have formed a full-fledged program to promote kid’s progress. There are several main aspects that are included into 3 year old preschool timetable.

Physical abilities

At this age, the baby usually already knows how to jump, run, climb objects, makes attempts to play group games.

Social and communicative skills

In 3 year old preschools our care providers teach a child:

  • to say hello when meeting with other children and adults;
  • to get acquainted with peers;
  • to share and exchange;
  • to take part in joint games with others;
  • to use imagination in joint games;
  • be able to tell about themselves: their name, the name of their parents;
  • speak polite words and know the rules of behavior in society.

Logical and mathematical development

Between three and four years, there is an improvement in the basic logical operations and mathematical concepts, enabling the child to:

  • count to 10;
  • name the primary colors;
  • know geometric shapes;
  • compare objects according to 1-2 criteria;
  • add pictures from fragments;
  • find differences between similar pictures.

Intellectual development

Starting from the age of three, the baby forms a certain knowledge base that they try to apply. Generally, teachers of 3 year old preschool educate the following material:

  • names and characteristics of 10 pets;
  • 5-7 species of birds and animals, showing them in the picture;
  • the names of several vegetables, berries, fruit and mushrooms;
  •  times of day and their characteristics;
  • seasons and how they differ;
  • natural phenomena;
  • body parts, learning to show them;
  • 3-5 popular professions;
  • up to 10 types of vehicles.

Speech skills

With the help of our program, children learn to make up simple phrases, talk about recent events, retell a fairy tale based on illustrations, talk about themselves, try to change words by case.

After 3 years you can confidently begin visiting 3 year old preschool, giving the kid the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the world around, study foreign languages or music. Our caring educators will do their best to provide your babies with appropriate knowledge and skills for their future studying and development.

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