Little Scholars’ Afterschool Program

Some parents may face the tough decision of whether or not they want to allow their child to stay for an afterschool program. Here are some pointers that can help you make the right choice.

Little Scholars afterschool programs not only benefit the parents but the kids as well. There are many obstacles in daily life where you may end up running late. Working parents can get stuck at their job on a busy day, some may get stuck in traffic, and some have to deal with public transportation delays. Thanks to Little Scholars’ afterschool program, parents do not need to rush or panic when picking up their children. Instead, they can relax and continue their job knowing that their child is in the hands of the city’s top educators!

Parents’ decision

When making a decision to enroll a child in an afterschool program, parents often overlook their own needs. Parents always put their child first and are so preoccupied with doing “what is best for the child” that we forget how parents’ stress can affect a child. Parents have to keep these questions in mind: What do you think will be convenient? How can you feel more at ease? What strikes you as being more efficient in your own eyes rather than in regard to the child?

If your anxiety for your child is the sole factor keeping you from putting them in an aftercare program, consider what is causing your anxiety: certain facts or a grim future you have foreseen? If you continuously assist the child, how do you think they can overcome real challenges (like learning to complete their homework on their own) or acquire crucial abilities (like dressing up or interacting with others)? If your child is away from you for three to four additional hours each day, would your communication actually worsen?

Do you want your child to recognize their own strengths and capabilities while also developing academic skills? If your answer is YES, Little Scholars’ afterschool program is a perfect place for it. Kids will learn to complete challenging activities independently, work together as a team, communicate with adults, respect other people’s opinions, and express their own. All of this will take place in a warm, loving, and nurturing environment. Our compassionate educators will do their best to provide your baby with the knowledge and skills they will need for future learning and growth.

The efficiency of education

The fact that the child completes educational activities in addition to having fun and interacting with friends is a significant benefit of the afterschool program at Little Scholars for working parents. The tasks are accomplished under the watchful eye of a teacher, who not only ensures the kids’ safety, but who may also explain a confusing part, assist with a challenging subject, or verify that the issue was solved correctly. Also, children will have completed their daily amount of enriching activities, so when they get home kids are able to spend their leisure time with their parents.

Leisure time

Parents may be certain that their children are being watched over when they let a kid stay at an afterschool program. The child develops communication skills and makes new friends amongst their peers whom they may not have had the chance to converse with during other classes.

Child behavior

Attending an afterschool program is one of the many elements that can contribute to a child’s upbringing. Kids begin to demonstrate independence, for example, in choosing how to dress for a stroll or how to handle challenging tasks. Children who participate in afterschool programs are thus more responsible with their choices and more aware of the consequences. Self-reliance is a skill just like walking or reading. It is impossible to learn it quickly from scratch, you need to learn it gradually, in small steps. An excellent initial step in fostering independence and autonomy is an afterschool program where, on the one hand, there is a clear framework and there is always an adult nearby who is ready to help, and, on the other hand, where the kid must learn to take care of himself in many ways.

The reality is that kids are required to talk to their educators and their classmates more during the extended program, and through this conversation, they develop the ability to communicate with a wide range of individuals. Although this may be difficult for introverted kids, the experience and abilities they get from it will help them in the long run.

The Little Scholars’ afterschool program won’t only become the first big step for your little one but also be a welcoming and loving environment to find new friends and have fun! Our mission is to ensure comprehensive development for each child and careful monitoring of all students during active learning, valuing diversity and individual needs.

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