Nanny Solution As Lockdown Eases!

With pre-schools opening up and down the country, this can be a nervous time for parents thinking about pre-school. We’re being bombarded by contradictory messages from the media and in truth there’s no right or wrong. Dependant on your own feelings, pre-school reassurance and the latest Government information – it can be a decision that doesn’t need to be rushed.

Here’s where a nanny can be an alternative option for families:

Where parents are very cautious about sending children back to pre-school, nannies can be a safer option and can educate children at home, fulfilling one of the key concerns parents have regarding their children falling behind inn their development.

During lockdown, all family members being in the house all the time isn’t healthy for family cohesiveness – we all need our own space! Nannies can be used to create time for parents to go for a cycle, run, walk as a couple or on their own, Go for a celebration picnic etc shop without dragging the children along etc. One thing parents have missed is some time together without children.

Families trying to work or study at home might benefit from a nanny to take the children out of the home to create some productive work time.

Freedom has developed a clear process for nannies to return to work including a Covid Declaration that is completed by the nanny and the family, this is then backed up by a clear policy and procedure, and recommendations whilst the nanny is working,  this process gives families confidence and creates a transparent working process that everyone can feel comfortable with.

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