Peek A Boo, Guess Who?

“Peek a boo, guess who?”

Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if that question was the only one that people expected an answer to? Sadly, it isn’t. But it would be much easier for our little ones if we were to equip them with the appropriate tools 100% of the time. Unfortunately, our busy lives seem to prevent us, and so we are constantly stuck in this rut, of wanting the best for our children and having limitations as mere mortals.

Over the years, I have worked as an early childhood educator and developmental therapist with children who have special needs. I have also witnessed my friends’ and family’s children grow and develop and of course, I watched my own children become little people, with their own, individual (and sometimes challenging) attitudes. I have set up this blog based on what I’ve done as a therapist; the research I’ve read, as well as my own observations and conclusions from various settings. This blog is not meant to be the holy grail of child development; it is simply a collection of findings and insight, imparted from my perspective; knowledge; education and experience.