Raising Children Without Punishment

Parenting is a long and not effortless process. You explain to your baby the basics of life. It is vital to use only the right educational methods and to avoid anything that can be harmful. The biggest issue is punishment for a child. You know that the best solution is to prevent the problem.

  • Talk and spend time together. Play, draw, cook, go for walks, travel, read, etc. Daily communication with kids helps bring them up obedient and curious without tantrums
  • Accept the personality of your baby. The purpose of education is to reveal all the natural talents and capabilities. If the child cannot do something, don’t force him and try to find different activities he really likes.

If it doesn’t work you should know what to do if the child does not obey!

Difference Between Discipline and Punishment

The terms “discipline” and “punishment” can often be very confusing. The only similar point is they are both applied to a child after they have done something wrong. Parenting requires feeling the differences between these methods of reaching your baby’s appropriate behavior.

Discipline is about instilling good manners in children while punishment is a way of chastising for misbehavior.

The very essence of both educational methods is to teach children. This is a learning process. You can be good parents and have a clear understanding of discipline and punishment without fear that your kids will hate you or that you will destroy their childhood.

Discipline is about setting basic rules and limits on behavior so that the child must follow and obey them. It sounds simple enough, isn’t it? The only problem is that children, for their own reasons, will not always want to keep these rules and stay within these limits. They live according to their program, which is sometimes incompatible with yours. Thus, the question is should children be punished?

Why Punishment Is A Bad Idea

The use of verbal and physical punishment means many negative consequences for the upbringing of children:

  • Children become angry. Cruelty breeds violence, so over time, from an upbringing in screams and tantrums, even the most well-mannered and timid child can be rude in response. Kids become aggressive not only towards mom and dad but also to the rest of those around them.
  • Over time, it feels impossible to raise a child without yelling and using punishments. Children get used to the fact that what is said in a calm tone is not necessary to do. They begin to act on instructions only when the parents change their tone of voice. As a result, the child gets a completely deformed picture of the world and incorrect methods of education.
  • At an early age, the psychological core of a person is formed and the foundations of communication with other people are laid. If in childhood your baby suffers from constant shouts and hysterias, in the future this may lead to the fact that the child will not be able to protect himself. Nobody wants his baby to be insecure.

So, if you worry about should children be punished or not, consider the consequences. The main task of parents is to raise mentally healthy kids who will be grateful for memories.

How To Deal With Challenging Behaviors

Before choosing punishment for a child, think of more appropriate ways to prevent these situations!

  • Being united. For your parenting strategy to work, it is essential that all family members who come into contact with the child keep a single line of behavior. You should use the same methods to achieve results. For example, if a mother sets a rule of one candy a day, then the rest of the family can’t break this rule. It is important because such different points of view provoke disobedience and separation for good\bad ones.
  • Have a clear list of prohibitions and always explain them. Anything forbidden must be supported by the fact that certain actions can harm the child or others. At the same time, everything else must be allowed, because kids need to know the world. For example, a ban on going out of the yard for a baby under 6 years old is quite justified. Just explain a number of dangers to your baby.
  • Patience first. Remember that in any dispute, you remain a wise adult. The result of the process depends on you. Children are prone to tantrums and manipulation. But it is important for moms and dads to understand your child is forming his worldview and your task is to educate him and show him the right path. Don’t forget to accept his opinion.

Harmony Of Parenting

If the child does not obey, there are three kinds of punishment you can use. You will enjoy parenting just after learning a few decisive rules!

  • Own experience. You can teach by allowing the child to do what he wants. Thus, you allow him to punish himself. It will help him to come to the right conclusion. For example, your child wants to watch TV until late and you have to get up early the next day. Sometimes it’s not worth arguing, let the child understand that he didn’t go to bed on time and now he feels tired.
  • Time-out. If a child misbehaves, it is better to ask the child to go to his room and come back when he calms down. It is important for you to show that you are disappointed with the actions of your baby and you do not want to keep the conversation with him now. Consider it should be a decision of your kids when to go and return.
  • Limits. You should not deprive a child of something he loves in response to bad manners. It is important to agree in advance with the child. For example, if a kid misbehaves in a public place, then talk to him about the reasons for this action and warn him about the consequences.

It is important to make it clear to the child that everything depends on him and you conclude an honest deal.