Why is reading preschool books about family so important?

Happiness begins with a family! Each family is unique, each has its own traditions and rules, pains and joys. Building such a family is a real art that requires experience, wisdom and a good example before your eyes. The first and main teachers of a child in family relations are, of course, parents and preschool books about family. Thanks to them, parents together with little ones can complete this image, raise the right topics for discussion and learn valuable lessons!

Benefits of reading children books about family

Reading from a very young age has a lot of advantages for a kid:

  • Expanding vocabulary

Children who read often begin to use smart words in their speech, which helps build a rich spoken language. Moreover, by reading stories about families, children may easily put thoughts into words, communicate with different people and build relationships.

  • Calming and giving a sense of comfort

Due to reading kids books about families, there arises a strong connection between family members. Realizing these concepts and following the visualization of a happy family will make kids feel safe and loved.

  • Teaching to distinguish between reality and fiction, make analogies 

While reading preschool books about family, it’s pivotal to learn to understand real life examples and differ them from episodes with fairy-tale-heroes. For example: “Teddy bear is a bear, but he, like you, has a Dad and a Mom.”

  • Broadening memory and practical skills

Thanks to children’s books about family, little ones try to copy and reproduce the model of behavior of the characters. After reading the book, ask your child to retell what they have remembered or ask a few questions. 

  • Knowledge about the world around

Picture books about families will provide children with information long before they can read on their own. 

Which books about family for toddlers to choose and why?

We have a top-3 recommendation of children books about families for you and your child to improve and stabilize your relationships! 

  1. “Will You Still Love Me, If . . . ?” by Catherine Leblanc, a french whiter and psychologist.

Read this book to your child as often as possible, because it is magical! The bear cub and his mother appear in a touching story about families as the embodiment of absolute parental love. Delicate watercolor illustrations by Eva Tarle accompany a simple, but at the same time very important plot for any baby — an infinite love of mother to her children.  

  1. “Here She Is!”, also by Catherine Leblanc.

This story is a kind of children’s books about blended families, which is very essential for both siblings and children from different parents.  The book conveys the emotions of the kid before meeting a new family member. 

  1. “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram. 

This kind of books about family for toddlers shows a series of situations describing relationships between the child-rabbit and all his relatives. By reading it, children learn how to deal with different family conflicts and express love to their family. 

Reading preschool books about family will definitely develop your child’s imagination, memory and understanding. Furthermore, according to the statistics, reading such stories significantly improves family relationships. Finally, even such an experience of daily reading children’s books about families can instill in kids a love of books, which is a key part of their development.