How to Get Rid of Child Care Anxiety For First Time Parents Once and For All

First time parents may struggle to leave their little one at a child care center for the first time. This is normal and expected behavior. After all, this may be their very first time away from their baby or child. If this sounds too familiar, don’t worry. There are ways you can ease your anxiety about leaving your child in the care of professional caretakers in the comfort of a fun and stimulating environment. Continue reading to learn more.

Brush off negative feelings and expectations of yourself

Many parents may feel ashamed that they have to leave their child to work their day job. However, this is completely unfounded. The majority of young children already participate in a child care program— around three-fourths of children participate in a preschool program.

Letting go of these negative feelings and self doubt is the first thing you can do. Remember that you are working to provide for your child, and even if you can’t always be there, make every moment count when you are.

Choose a child care facility you trust

When you decide to go with a top rated and trusted facility, you will feel significantly more comfortable about dropping your child off every day.

When searching for the right program or child care service make sure that there are trusted professionals working there. Make sure it’s safe. And lastly, make sure it is a stimulating environment.

Practice leaving your child with a loved one

If you don’t want to jump right into full time child care, dip your toe in the water first. Drop your child off with a grandparent, relative, or trusted friend for a few hours every day until you start to feel more comfortable about them being under someone else’s watch.

Increase the amount of time you’re away from your child incrementally.

Make sure your child feels comfortable in his or her’s surroundings as well

Children can also get anxious when being left at a daycare facility for the first time. However, you can combat it with a few tips.

Consider a few of these tips if your child is prone to tantrums while being dropped off at their daycare.

  • Make a strict routine so you and your child can grow accustomed to them getting dropped off at the daycare center.
  • Leave your child with something of yours— a small souvenir like a scarf or piece of cheap jewelry. This way, they’ll never feel alone while at daycare.
  • Give them a small role. Having a job at the daycare, like distributing toys or welcoming the other new kids, may ease their separation anxiety. They will stop focusing so much on the thought that their parent is gone. And instead, fixate on their given task.
  • Begin their day with positive affirmations. Assure them that they will have a great day before you even arrive at the facility. This positive energy will no doubt make for a more pleasant drop off for both you and your child.
  • Bring your child in for a warm-up session with the counselors, teachers, or staff members.

The right child care facility can help create a stronger bond for parent and child

While feelings of anxiety surrounding leaving your child in someone else’s care are completely normal, you can eventually let them go. If you work full time and cannot stay home with your infant or child, abolish any feelings of guilt.

There’s no need to feel worried when you leave your child with devoted and knowledgable professionals.

Those initial daycare jitters should vanish soon enough— for both you and your little one. If you have been struggling with the separation, try and follow some of these tips to get you both on the desired road to independence.