The main factors to think through while choosing a daycare

Choosing a daycare in Brooklyn should be approached with all responsibility, because the child will spend a considerable part of the time there. The childcare center should not be perceived solely as a place where kids are simply looked after while parents who are at work. 

There are different types of childcare services – both public and private. However, the selection criteria are even greater: educators, staff, development programs and other significant factors have to be taken into consideration.

What to look for when choosing a daycare

To make sure that the childcare center meets the requirements, it’s recommended to carefully examine the outside and inside of the service, as well as talk with educators and staff. Also, it’s important choosing a daycare checklist: it should help the child to socialize, develop and prepare for school and simply be a place where you can safely leave the child. It depends on what to pay attention to.

Nevertheless, one of the crucial points for parents is the safety of their little ones. To be sure in a preschool you decide to choose, pay attention to:

  • Fencing of the territory. The fence should be high enough so that the child cannot climb over it, especially if there is a roadway nearby.
  • The area around the daycare. See if the verandas are well maintained, if the sand in the sandpits is clean, how safe and age-appropriate slides, swings and sports facilities are.
  • Equipment. While choosing a daycare, check if there are information boards for parents, educational toys, dance, music, gymnastics or pool areas and how safe they look.
  • Walking areas and caregiver behavior. It is worth paying attention to the playgrounds where children play and how the teachers behave, whether they play with kids or not.
  • The state of classrooms. Obviously, all rooms have to be clean, including stairs and corridors, especially bathrooms. The space should have a comfortable temperature and fresh air without foreign odors. The state of furniture is also important. The area of ​​the room must correspond to the number of children: at least 4 square meters for each child.
  • Food. Evaluate the diversity of the menu and the quality of food. If your child has any allergic reactions, notify the staff beforehand.

Questions to ask when choosing a daycare

Feel free to ask the care providers how many times a day they do wet cleaning, how often they change bedding, if toys are washed etc. Get to know the teacher and, if possible, observe the educational process.

Besides, when choosing a daycare, it’s pivotal to be sure in a specialist’s competence. During conversation you may simulate the situation and ask how they will react, what they will do if the child is naughty, fights, doesn’t want to eat or sleep. 

Hence, you may ask the teacher about their educational experience, developmental and employment characteristics: what programs the children are involved in, whether they are appropriate for the kid’s age, learn about the daily curriculum. Your views on these issues should coincide.

We’re ready to discuss your proposals

There is no general formula by which one can understand whether a person can and loves working with children or not. In our preschool professionals do their job with love and attention.

Having flexible thinking, they are ready to constantly improve their skills and work on themselves. Before finally choosing a daycare, parents can ask not only the educators, but also the psychologist or the head of the daycare service.