TOP Christmas activities with kids

The children’s happiness throughout the season is unparalleled. As you count down the days before Christmas Day, there are even more enjoyable games and kid-friendly craft projects to try out when it comes to amusing Christmas activities for kids. Make the season even more wonderful for those tiny elves by keeping them busy.

Create a Christmas playlist

First and foremost, any holiday activity at this time of the year must start with a fantastic Christmas soundtrack! The perfect background music may instantly transform a routine situation into a festive one.

Take the kids to the kitchen

Kids love getting their hands dirty, so why not let them do it in the kitchen? They can assist you in making your holiday treat. For instance, you may enlist the aid of your young assistants to break eggs into a dish or whip up some fluffy butter. Most importantly, let them decorate the Christmas cake or cookies and don’t forget to invite them to try your creations.

Don’t limit your creativity when it comes to adorning baked items. Bake cookies or cupcakes in the shape of a Christmas tree or a Santa Claus using the cutters. You can make cookies into edible Christmas tree decorations by adding colorful frosting and sparkly sprinkles. Make your cookie decorating routine into a creative competition for an added twist. Test your child’s creativity before deciding which cookie is the most unique as a family. The winner will feel privileged to get their presents first!

Make your own ornaments and presents.

Children like using their hands to make something. So why not use them to create some Christmas tree ornaments? They will feel quite pleased of themselves when they see their work on the tree, which is a positive exercise in and of itself.

  • Create a popcorn wreath. Fresh popcorn, cranberries, and thread are all you need to construct a spectacular popcorn garland.
  • Put your own holiday card display together. Instead of sticking all of your Christmas cards to a sliding glass door or window, gather your kids and get to work on an enjoyable activity.
  • With a dash of color, holiday stickers, and lovely stars placed by talented kids full of Christmas passion, you may transform your windows from ordinary to spectacular.
  • Create a snow globe out of a regular cookie jar.


Here are a few entertaining Christmas party games you may have with your kids!

  • A traditional holiday game that will keep the whole family entertained is Christmas Scavenger Hunt. Find the hidden Christmas items around the home in this enjoyable Christmas exercise. The first person to finish their Christmas list wins!

The nicest aspect is that you may adjust the difficulty of this well-known game to your liking. To get started, simply print off your family’s Christmas treasure hunt list: Santa Claus hat; Christmas lights; Caramel stick; Christmas-themed décor; scented candles; cookies etc.

  • Christmas Pictionary is a game where participants act out Christmas-themed words for other players to guess, similar to Christmas Charades. The only variation is that participants must sketch a Christmas-related object rather than play it! The dictionary’s greatest Christmas words: Santa Claus; Christmas tree; reindeer; Sleigh; Mistletoe; Caramel stick; Star; funny bells.
  • The famous “Tail the Donkey” game has been updated for the holiday season. One of the most popular kid-friendly Christmas-themed games is Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph.

Red noses can be drawn on sheets or printed in advance. Make the children line up and display a picture of Rudolph on the wall. As you blindfold each child individually, give him the nose to attach to Rudolph’s face. Each nose is pinned into place. The person who pins it in the proper spot the closest wins.

Embrace the holiday spirit

Put your coat on before venturing into the unknown. Take a stroll around the neighborhood and see the dazzling holiday lights. See if there is a Christmas market nearby if you’re searching for something fresh. There is something there for everyone to enjoy!

Spending time with family and friends is the most crucial aspect of the holidays. That is what Christmas is all about! Merry Christmas!